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Trục Vít Me Nhựa KSS

Đặc điểm nổi bật

Các sản phẩm trong loạt này kết hợp chất bôi trơn, vì vậy chúng có thể được sử dụng mà không cần dầu. Trục được sản xuất từ ​​SUS304 hoặc SUS303 (thép không gỉ), mang lại khả năng chống ăn mòn tuyệt vời.

Product outline

Liên hệĐể đặt hàng

Thông Số Kĩ Thuật


・The Shaft is manufactured from SUS304(or SUS303), which gives excellent corrosion resistance.

・Wide range of combination of Shaft dia. and Lead are available.

・MRH incorporates a lubricating agent so it can be used without oiling. It is possible to obtain smooth movement with lubricant.

・Uses the same gothic arc grooves as Ball Screws, ensuring smooth transmission.

・MRH is standard in stock, but Nut material can be changed to order, based on the environmental condition.

・Selecting backlash free type, Axial play can be 0.


Standard products in stock MRH-A,B series:KSS products

A Polyamide type Resin with good sliding properties is employed in the standard MRH Nut material. And because a lubricating agent is incorporated in the material, it can be used without oiling.

Additionally, other Nut materials are available as options.

Customized products

MRH-BP2 seriesKSS products

A Polyamide type Resin with good sliding properties is employed. Backlash free construction made possible with Double Nuts and a Spring in between.

Customized products

R-MSSYseriesNTN Engineering plastics Corp. products

Corresponding to a wide range of environment and having corrosion resistance, heat resistance. High lead types(3 times as dia.)are available.


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