Linear Actuator External type / Direct Motor Drive Ball Screws


High performance driving units, which combines Stepping Motor and Ball Screws/Lead Screws to eliminate Coupling. Stepping Motor is mounted directly onto the end of Ball Screw/Lead Screw and Shaft is ideally constructed to form the Motor Rotor Shaft, this minimizes lost motion. To eliminate the Coupling and the compact design of total length can be achieved.

Product outline

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Precision Ball Screw type(MB)


This series is high performance, high accurate positioning drive unit with Precision Ball Screw and 5-phase Stepping Motor. C3 class Precision Ball Screws are adopted for this series.

Rolled Ball Screw type(TMB)

Rolled MoBo                            

This series is all-round performance drive unit with Rolled Ball Screw and 5-Phase Stepping Motor.

Ct7 class Rolled Ball Screws are built in this series.

2-phase Motor & Rolled Ball Screw type(2TMB)

2-phase Rolled MoBo

Ct7 class Rolled Ball Screw is installed into 2-phase Stepping Motor.

This type can achieve low cost and multiuse for various fields.

Hybrid type(SiMB)

Si- MoBo   

This series have high accurate positioning, ultra smooth drive. and closed loop operation by using Precision Ball

Screw with C3 accuracy and Si-servo Motor.


We can provide Resin Lead Screw type as customized product, which has high cost performance.



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