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FDS Dispensing Robots

FDS Dual-work Plateform Dispensing Robots


  • FDS Dual-work Plateform Dispensing Robots designed by dual-work platform structure which can control loop operation, save time of putting and putting , also it can improve production efficiency.
  • On the other hand, this kind of machines with the function of make points, draw lines, faces, arc, circles, irregular curve continuous interpolation and 4 axis linkage, and also some other functions.
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Model FDS 5300-2Y FDS 5400-2Y
Working Area: X/Y/Z (mm) 500/300/300/100 500/400/400/100
Max Load: Z Axis 11.0kg / 5.0kg
Speed (mm/sec) 0.1~800/320
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.01mm / axis
Resolution 0.01mm/axis
Program Capacity At least 100 groups,4000 points / group
Date Storage Type CF Card
Program Display LCD
Control Method PTP  & CP
Interpolation Function 4 Axis
Programming Method Teach pendant
I/O Signals Port 8 Input / 8 Output
External Control Interface RS232
Motor System Micro stepping motor
Power Supply AC 90~260V 320W
Working Temperature 0~40°C
Working Relative Humidity 20~90% no condensation


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