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T Series Fan Type


  • Modularized design for easy maintenance.
  • Display on top of device frame.
  • Compact and space saving.
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KIF-1000T KIF-2000T
 Ion generation Conrona discharge
 Voltage at discharging pin High-frequency AC
 Static elimination time *1
约1.5秒 约1.0秒
 lon balancing ±5V
 Air volume 26~60CFM
(0.74~1.70 M3/min)
(1.82~4.26 M3/min)
 Ozone volume (within 150mm) 0.007ppm以下
 Control for discharging suspension *2 Power input (DC10V~30V)
 Warning output *3  Fan stop YES
 Discharge error YES
 The pin cleaning module
is not properly covered
 High voltage output Approximate 2KV, 72KHz
 Ambient temperature 0~40oC(indoor)
 Relative humidity 35%~75%,non-condensing
 Power input DC24V ± 5%
 Current consumption 370mA 470mA
 Dimension     WxHxD  mm 116x142x63 142x173x63
 Weight (Mounting excluded) 484g 690g
 Warranty(Accessories excluded) 2 Yr
 Accessories   Mounting kit
I/O Connector(KIF-OC1)
Ground cable(2M)
Safety Filter
Instruction manual

*1.Measured with maximum air speed and at a location centered in the air output and 300mm away from the fan.
*2.When pausing the power input, the warning contact output.
*3.Signaling at output contact, NC/NO panel switch (50mA)


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