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[A-464-DL] Dial Lock Flush Handles


  • Unlocking can be done by adjusting the combination lock (dial) to your personal identification number. You don't need to have sub-key management. (The personal identification number can be changed.)
  • A high-security lock TAK70 is built in the cylinder and unlocking with a key can be done. The product is effective for a master system for both individual applications and integrated security managers.
  • Code setting is possible in 10,000 ways with combinations of four digits of numbers 0 to 9.
  • Easy PIN change with a single lever action.
  • Installation is compatible with handle A-160-1, A-240-1, A-464-1, and other ones.
  • For both left-hand and right-hand use.


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[A-464-DL] Dial Lock Flush Handles

  • Material: Zinc alloy (ZDC)
  • Finish: Satellite chrome plating (MZCr)
  • Applicable panel thickness: 1 to 1.6mm
  • Key No.: TAK7000 series key differences
  • Accessories:Two keys, screws, stopper plate and fixing plate

Specific Use

  • Racks for packages (printed-circuit boards) of information devices and communications equipment, switchboards, distribution switchboards, controlling boards and etc.


  • Lubricant should be applied regularly to moving parts.
  • Do not replace the handle in its holder with a different number setting other than the predetermined setting. Doing so causes malfunction or failure.
  • The variable lever can be operated only with the PIN number that has been set.
  • The same style is also available in an electromagnetic model (LE-464) and standard model (A-464).
  • If the code number has been forgotten the lock can be opened using a key. The code number cannot be changed.Please use the code number sticker provided in order to prevent the code number being forgotten.
  • It is recommended that thread-locking fluid be used to prevent loosening of the mounting screws for the catch.


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