Multi-Functional (V-Z-theta) Actuator
Multi-Functional (V-Z-theta) Actuator

Multi-Functional (V-Z-theta) Actuator

Nice Characteristics

This is the totally new type Actuators, which are combined Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP) and Stepping Motor. Multi-function, Linear (Z), Rotary (θ;Theta) and Vacuum (V), is available with one Unit. You can choose suitable one among 3-types for your application.

Product outline



Multi-Functional VZθ Actuator

The brand new products which applied the KSS miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline(BSSP), and realized three functions, linear motion(Z), rotary motion(θ), and vacuum(V), with one product.

KSS provides 3-types of multi-functional VZθ Actuator, which are Direct Drive type, Hybrid Drive type, and Belt-Drive type. It is possible to select one of them according to your specifications or application.

Model Shaft dia. (mm) Lead (mm) Travel (mm) Max. Speed(Z) (mm/sec) Max. speed(θ) (rev/sec) Thrust Force (N) Max. Permissible Moment (kg・m2)
Direct Drive type φ6 6 50 72 3 7 0.15×10ー4
10 120 3 5
φ8 5 50 100 3 50 0.15×10ー3
10 200 3 25
Hybrid Drive type φ6 10 50 200 3 5 0.15×10ー4
Belt-Drive type φ4 4 50 80 3 5 0.9×10ー5
φ6 10 50, 100 200 3 10 0.5×10ー4
φ8 10 150 200 3 10 0.5×10ー4

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