BAM118 Series
BAM118 Series

BAM118 Series

Nice Characteristics

● Pitch Circle Diameter: 113 mm
● Rated Power: 1/6 ~ 1/2 of One Horsepower
● Rated Speed: 1800 ~ 3200rpm
● Continuous Operation with Low Temperature Rise & Low Noise
● Super High Torque at Very Low Speed



Model Name Unit BAM118-口S-口口口-口口口口 BAM118-口F-口口口-口口口口 BAM118-口B-口口口-口口口口
Motor Enclosure Standard type With Fan type With a box type
Frame Size mm 118
Motor Length mm 118 205 147
Number of Poles 2 or 4
Rated Voltage V.AC 110 or 220
Frequency Hz 50 or 60
Horsepower W 1/6 ~ 1/2 of one horsepower
Rated Speed rpm 1800 ~ 3200
Bearing Type Ball-bearing
Protection Function Temperature fuse, overheat protection device, 115°C
Rotating Direction Clock Wise ; Counter Clock Wise
● All motors voltage can be designed according to customer needs ● Default frequency can be 50hz or 60hz, and special frequency can also be customized ● All motors provide vertical and horizontal mount motors ● Product specifications are in line with the standards of various countries in the world  



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