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Adapter Assembles KGN
Adapter Assembles KGN

Adapter Assembles KGN

Nice Characteristics

  • Tubes to supply pressure by connecting it to a dispenser and a barrel.
  • Moulded plastic adapter heads accept applicable barrels for use with all KGN dispensing systems.


Type  Weight   Head material   Tube material / Length  For Barrel
AA03 47.3g   Brass,nickel plated   PVC(DIN)/1m
 PS       S(-M)
 PS       SUV
 PS       SUVA(-M)
 PS       SUS
  AA05NR   39.6g  POM 
AA10NR 42.6g
AA30NR 48.8g
AA05T 62.2g Aluminum  PTFE / 1m   PS       SUS
AA10T 66.0g
AA30T    84.0g
AA05V 47.7g  PU / 1m  PS       SUS
AA10V 52.4g
AA30V 70.5g
Output pressre:0~0.69MPa(0~7.0kgf/cm2)

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