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Specifications & Description 

Model Number 1. Kohzu's significant alphabetnumeric model numbers offer quick product insight.
Mirror Model Number 2. Mirror symmetry of standard stage.
Table Size 3. Table size refers to the stage's valid mounting table size.
Guide MechanismCross-Roller Guide4. Type of movement mechanism used on this stage.
Angular Range±10°5. Stage travel range in the positive and negative directions from it's centered or neutral position.
Work Distance70mm±0.2mm6. Distance from table surface to rotation center.
Rotation Center PlayΦ0.05mm/±10°7. Deviation of rotation center while stage is rotating.
Minimum Readout0.1° (vernier)8. Minimum readout of Table is the smallest measurable value of motion.
Angular Motion1.53°/Handle Revolution9. Angle of gradient per handle-wheel revolution.
Moment Load Stiffness0.09 arcsec/N・cm10. Moment load stiffness is measured in a direction perpendicular to the motion axis.
Load Capacity (Horizontal)49N(5kgf)11. Maximum load capacity is for a horizontally orientated stage with load centered on top-plate.
MaterialAluminum Alloy12. Material specification is for stage's main body components only.
FinishClear-Matte Anodizing13. Surface finish type and color.
Weight0.57kg14. Stage weight includes all components depicted in product photograph.
Perpendicularity -15. Perpendicularity between motion axes in a dual-axis XY stage assembly.
ActuatorHandle-Wheel16. Actuator model number and travel range.
Price(JPY) 17. Catalog price in Japanese currency
Overhaul Price * 18. Overhaul price in Japanese currency
Clean Room Lubricant Change Price 19. Clean Room Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency.
Vacuum Lubricant Change Price 20. Vacuum Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency.

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